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From Factory to Field: Home Care’s Unique AI Opportunity

Our IG LIVE in-person roundtable, attended by fifteen of your peers in Nashville, Sept. 6-7, focused entirely on how organizations can harness AI for their next big value leap. Due to a confluence of market forces and opportunities, we believe AI offers home care providers their highest-leverage opportunity for pushing back against relentless revenue and expense pressure in both the insured and private pay markets. This seismic shift has been gaining steam for the past decade and follows two other decade-plus trends. Behind 1) the 20-year evolution to value-based care and 2) a 15-year-old workforce upheaval in the services sector, comes AI as the third seismic shift for our industry.

Because of the wide-ranging implications, home care organizations must properly prepare themselves to leverage AI to compete and maintain relevancy in a fast-growing and evolving environment. By doing so, organizations can reap high rewards that create internal efficiencies, prepare for a move into value-based care, and create better experiences for patients, clinicians, and employees. Move too slow and you’ll be left behind; move too fast and you may have to backtrack due to blind spots in safety, privacy, or culture change.

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