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Discover, discuss, and develop a framework for operationalizing innovative, growth-accelerating models and tools as part of a select small group of peers who share similar business goals and interests.

Workgroup meetings are focused, participatory, guided by our expert advisors, and draw on the collective insight and innovation of home-based care's top companies and leadership. Meetings take place monthly and groups will report their findings to the larger membership every three to four months. 

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Value Based Care
Transitioning our businesses from volume to value

Service line expansion and extension opportunities

Strength, weaknesses, and opportunities of incumbent EMRs

Patient Experience
Elevating the consumer experience of care

Navigating MA/SNPs, ACOs, MCOs

Optimizing the scheduling, deployment, and effectiveness of resources

Introduction and adoption of emerging technologies

Back Office
Efficiency and cost reduction in the back office

Workforce: Clinical
Recruiting and retention innovations for the clinical workforce

Workforce: Non-Clinical
Recruiting and retention innovations for the non-clinical workforce

How To Participate

Members may to join as many workgroups as they would like.

Please contact Lesley Odoom to express interest and learn more.

Expectations for Participation:

  • Meetings will take place monthly.
  • Schedule will be determined in accordance with member availability.
  • Please plan to attend at least two-thirds of the  meetings for each workgroup in which you have committed to participate.
  • Most workgroups will meet monthly for three to four months before reporting back to the broader group in a general session. We expect many of the workgroups to be perpetual.