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The Virtual PCS Business and Technology Case

March 21, 2024 Lincoln Intelligence Group

Technology has come of age just in time for the height of the caregiver crunch. We'll review the business and technology case for bundling virtual personal care services (PCS) with traditional in-person care

Revolutionizing Clinical Documentation with Voice AI

March 14, 2024 Lincoln Intelligence Group

Having relentlessly pursued solutions to the clinician documentation burden for years, Pinnacle Home Care knew early in their relationship with ybot that this technology had quantum leap potential.

Care Collaboration & Engagement Solutions

February 19, 2024 Lincoln Intelligence Group

Across the many touchpoints of a patient's care episode, patients, families, and care teams are left with a manual and fragmented system to find real-time information. Providers are looking to tech solutions to enable a central record that enables better coordination and collaboration of care for the broader patient ecosystem. Following a brief presentation, we discuss the challenges of care collaboration, the business case for a platform-based solution, and types of technologies being piloted across the industry. 

Innovation Briefing: Generative AI's Application to Home Care

October 27, 2023 Lincoln Intelligence Group

Artificial Intelligence represents a seismic shift for our sector, with generative AI being the most recent - and highly publicized - iteration. This briefing will demonstrate how generative AI works, how your peers are thinking about it, and where you can apply it in the short- and long- term to your business.

Predictive Analytics: Optimizing for Today and Preparing for Tomorrow

September 28, 2023 Lincoln Intelligence Group

The accelerating impact of Medicare Advantage on home health and hospice requires near-term hedging against decreasing reimbursement in the core business, while simultaneously planning to meet the long-term needs of patients and health plan partners. Providers aiming to move “closer to the premium dollar” will need to develop disease management capabilities in order to move upstream in the patient’s journey. Leveraging tools such as predictive analytics will enable providers to both 1) thrive in today’s fee-for-service environment and 2) identify, manage, and care for the seriously ill population to succeed in tomorrow’s managed/value-based world.

Is home care ready to embrace its machine partners?

July 27, 2023 Lincoln Intelligence Group

During our research into adoption of generative AI within home-based care, one key theme stood out: While management teams exhibit a distinct "rational enthusiasm" about the potential of this iteration of AI, the sense from these same teams is that their broader organizations are far more skeptical of tools that augment humans so symbiotically.

ChatGPT Prompt of the Week - July 24

July 24, 2023 Lincoln Intelligence Group

Using generative AI can significantly streamline business processes by automating and optimizing various tasks. Chat GPT gave us the top ten ways to leverage generative AI for business improvement.

Executive MBA: What Generative AI Means for Home Care

July 24, 2023 Lincoln Intelligence Group

While hospitals and physicians are leading the way on applying this iteration of AI, home-based care entities are fast on the trail of uncovering the power and pitfalls inherent in this potentially game-changing technology.

ChatGPT Prompt of the Week - June 29

July 12, 2023 Lincoln Intelligence Group

ChatGPT breaks down key differences between H1-B and EB-3 visas for nurses in response to a prompt.

Committing Capital to Tech

June 7, 2023 Lincoln Intelligence Group

The three big focal areas for home care technology investment uncovered during our research the past several months. Including recruiting and retention, back office automation, and predictive analytics.

Preview of June 6 Think Tank: Technology Spending

June 2, 2023 Lincoln Intelligence Group

During our Tuesday, June 6 Think Tank, we'll share the three big focal areas for home care technology investment uncovered during our research the past several months.

Generative AI and You: Excitement Building Towards Exuberance

May 4, 2023 Lincoln Intelligence Group

“Restrained exuberance” would be a fair way to describe our sector’s collective radar regarding the potential for generative AI (meaning, AI that can read/write/research) to change the home care game. In particular: Exuberance about the game-changing potential, tempered with restraint about ensuring the machine’s output is human-validated.

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