Personal Care's Role in Medicaid Care Facilitation

May 22, 2024 Lincoln Intelligence Group

As the private pay market matures, direct care companies are turning their gaze upon Medicaid and/or Duals for deeper consideration

Empower Employee Creativity to Boost Organizational Performance

January 10, 2024 Lincoln Intelligence Group

Employee creativity is vital for organizational performance and has become a business imperative for healthcare organizations. Organizations who focus on creativity

Think Tank Recording: Key Indicators for Home Health Performance

May 3, 2023 Lincoln Intelligence Group

Effectiveness is front and center for amplifying your clinical capacity. Here, we share findings from the FORVIS and SHP annual benchmark analyses studying the financial and operational indicators of the top performing agencies.

Rethinking Your Operating Model: What We're Learning

April 28, 2023 Lincoln Intelligence Group

AI-enabled streamlining of documentation will enable our next big leap in productivity. Amplifying our workforce will require intervening more aggressively in the labor markets. Transforming the business model will happen as much in the back office as on the front lines.

Re-Thinking Our Operating Model

April 19, 2023 Lincoln Intelligence Group

With legacy models looking less attractive by the day, we will present to the group actionable recommendations for shifting operating models for Personal Care, Home Health, and Hospice.

Efficiency: The Tailwind Pushing Back on Home Care's Headwinds

November 14, 2022 Lincoln Intelligence Group

Focusing on these four key elements - resource, information, processing, and time - yields a very useful four-part framework for thinking about home-based care operations.

Executive MBA: Lean Opportunities Case Study

August 1, 2022 Lincoln Intelligence Group

Androscoggin welcomed the Intelligence Group’s consulting partner, Lean Advisors, to guide their improvement initiative in the patient service center.

Going Big in Virtual Care

February 8, 2022 Lincoln Intelligence Group

Two home care providers share how they embraced remote care during the pandemic; and overcame technology challenges with staff and patients.

Home Care and Telehealth: An In-Depth Look at ROI

October 15, 2020 Lincoln Intelligence Group

Exploring telehealth to benefit the bottom line for home care providers.