Rethinking Your Operating Model: What We're Learning

Date: April 28, 2023 Lincoln Intelligence Group

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Having logged our baseline goal of twenty-five (25) interviews with members of the IG community, we wanted to share a few of the key themes emerging from our operating model research. We will discuss these themes, and others, in greater depth at IG LIVE (June 11-12, Chicago). Hope you can join us there - and perhaps stay for our HI2 conference, June 12-14, which is co-located at the Swissotel.

The three areas that have struck us thus far:

  1. AI-enabled streamlining of documentation will enable our next big leap in productivity.
  2. Amplifying our workforce will require intervening more aggressively in the labor markets.
  3. Transforming the business model will happen as much in the back office as on the front lines.

Streamlining documentation with AI

Now that AI has made the leap to being able to read and write quite effectively, it’s time to figure out how to use this technology for making another, post-covid leap in productivity. Clinicians and caregivers burnt out by documentation demands are simply not going to be as productive or satisfied. Your documentation strategy moving ahead: Do whatever it takes to reduce this burden.

Intervening in labor markets

There’s a blind spot in our workforce value stream. Specifically, we’re spending disproportionate amounts of time and effort juggling resources in the field, to the detriment of growing the base of available resources. We need to collectively commit to moving the market – meaning the labor market – and bringing new entrants into our field.

Transforming your business model via the back office

Despite a big push in process automation post-covid, our back offices are still mired in one-off productivity drains that could be automated: Claims denials, prior authorizations, etc. The job of the back office is to move information and revenue as quickly as possible through the system to enable the front lines. Anywhere revenue or information is paused represents an opportunity to speed up the entire operating machine. We can only grow the front-line capacity as quickly as the back office can support it.

We hope you can join us at IG LIVE to discuss solutions to these and other pressing issues with peers. Please contact Bob Manware with any questions.