Intelligence Group Research


The Intelligence Group and Home Care 100 teams are continually exploring emerging trends and promising new models and technologies to help you excel as an innovator, grow your business, and ultimately, elevate the entire home care sector. We value your participation in this effort. 


Right now, we are looking at the topics listed below. If you can share your insights and address your questions on any of these, we would love to schedule a short call.

Getting Leverage with Payers

Home-based care providers generally have little market power in the healthcare sector writ large. For the June Home Care 100, we are researching what it takes to achieve the requisite scale and scope for bringing managed care to the table.
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Behavioral Health Care

Integrated health care models are on the rise. Behavioral health care, defined as the emotional, psychological, and social facets of overall health, is a cornerstone of an integrated model.
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The Cybersecurity Imperative

For the June Home Care 100, we are researching questions such as: Whose job is it at your company to protect you from a cyber-breach? What is the right level of investment in cybersecurity for our businesses?
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Hospital Referral Partners

Challenged with a variety of issues related to length of stay, hospitals remain hyper-focused on efficient discharges to post-acute care. We'd like to understand your keys to being a valued partner in an integrated system of care. 
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Care Collaboration Tools
We'd like to understand how you're thinking about the "Care Collaboration" space, meaning tools that serve as a central source of truth for a particular instance of care and that enable real-time engagement and collaboration across the home health ecosystem (inclusive of patients, families, and third party care team members). The results of this research will be shared within the Intelligence Group initially, and later at Home Care 100. 
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Virtual Personal Care

We’re in search of leaders in the movement to bundle traditional in-person personal care with tech-enabled virtual services. The results of this research will be shared at the June/2024 Home Care 100 in a session that will also showcase a handful of leading home care providers. 

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