Generative AI and You: Excitement Building Towards Exuberance

Date: May 4, 2023 Lincoln Intelligence Group

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“Restrained exuberance” would be a fair way to describe our sector’s collective radar regarding the potential for generative AI (meaning, AI that can read/write/research) to change the home care game. In particular: Exuberance about the game-changing potential, tempered with restraint about ensuring the machine’s output is human-validated.

The feedback from our research has spanned the entire home care enterprise, while sorting into three main buckets of application.

  1. Patient/Client: Involving patients and clients in the delivery of care.
  2. Process: Removing bottlenecks in the flow of information and revenue.
  3. People: Decreasing administrative burden - and enhancing point-of-care capabilities – so that staff can focus on the highest and best use of their time.

Patient/Client Facing Applications

  1. Self-Directed care: Tools we can put in the hands of the patient/client and their extended care team to self-manage their condition, e.g., diet and nutrition/menu recommendations.
  2. Customer service and triage: Giving our customers access to more intelligent bots that can solve scheduling problems or route an after-hours call.

Process-Oriented Applications

  1. Flow: Overcoming vexing revenue bottlenecks such as prior authorization and claims denials.
  2. Business writing: Drafting and/or re-writing one-off business letters in a fraction of the time.
  3. Compliance: Finding documentation inconsistencies and identifying root cause for improvement.

People-Focused Applications

  1. Clinical Documentation: Summarizing and streamlining incoming and outgoing clinical notes.
  2. Preventive Analytics: Mining the EMR for patterns/indicators that can spark better interventions and care plans.
  3. Employee Self-Service: Serving employees faster and on their terms regarding, for example, HR inquiries such as benefits or paycheck-related issues.

We’re just scratching the surface on this topic and would love to kick it around with you in a two-way dialogue. Please use this link to schedule a time to speak with our team about generative AI and your business.