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The Virtual PCS Business and Technology Case

Technology has come of age just in time for the height of the caregiver crunch. We'll review the business and technology case for bundling virtual personal care services (PCS) with traditional in-person care

Revolutionizing Clinical Documentation with Voice AI

Having relentlessly pursued solutions to the clinician documentation burden for years, Pinnacle Home Care knew early in their relationship with ybot that this technology had quantum leap potential.

What Hospitals Need in a Preferred Partner

Hospitals, challenged with a variety of issues related to length of stay, remain hyper-focused on efficient discharges to post-acute care.

Care Collaboration & Engagement Solutions

Across the many touchpoints of a patient's care episode, patients, families, and care teams are left with a manual and fragmented system to find real-time information. Providers are looking to tech solutions to enable a central record that enables better coordination and collaboration of care for the broader patient ecosystem. Following a brief presentation, we discuss the challenges of care collaboration, the business case for a platform-based solution, and types of technologies being piloted across the industry. 

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2024 Home Care 100 Conference Session Recordings

Innovation Briefings are offered to members only and provide convenient and individualized access to a summary of our research findings on - and suggestions for adopting - the most promising innovations just beginning to impact home care.

The Case for Higher Acuity Care

Higher acuity/complexity care at home offers numerous benefits to patients and other stakeholders, although there are an equal number of considerations and challenges to address for home care to be able to meet current and future demand.

Use of Predictive Analytics to Optimize for Today and Prepare for Tomorrow

In this 25-minute briefing, we will review the market trends, discuss and compare the evolving landscape of predictive analytics solutions gaining traction in the market today, as well as highlight the key value-drivers predictive tools can can bring to your organization.

Three Hottest Technology Categories of 2023

Based on 30 in-depth interviews, we will share the top three technology categories being pursued by your peer organizations and contrast the primary solutions in each category.

Developing Your Own (DYO) Clinicians

15-minute review of development practices and the business case for hiring less experienced nurses.

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April 17 - Roundtable: Meeting the Behavioral Health Need

Behavioral Health Care (BHC) has been provided for many years in the home with variable success. Several companies have leaned into the traditional BHC model seeing a new wave of opportunity and need. Some have successfully expanded into more complex models, including PMPM. We will hear from some of our members who are doing both traditional BHC and PMPM.

April 24 - Roundtable: The Cybersecurity Imperative

While cyber-breaches are damaging to brands, they are not just threats to individual entities. Breaches create a sense of customer mistrust that can cascade beyond the individual brand affected. We'll talk this through initially, with an eye towards developing a more comprehensive playbook to share among the group.

April 30 - Case Study: The Alternative to Build or Buy: Deep Tech Partnerships

Companies looking to seize their Tech destiny without becoming full-blown development shops are turning to deep technology partnerships as an alternative route. How does such a partnership differ from a typical vendor relationship or development project? We'll share the general dynamics of deep partnerships and profile an in-progress collaboration being pursued by a Group member

May 1 - Roundtable: Resetting Compensation Expectations

Considerations for compensation plans are complex and include: Wage Laws, Unions, Recruitment and Retention, and Productivity and Performance incentives, just to name a few. Mergers/acquisitions also create wrinkles in our planning. While this topic will vary widely state to state, we will seek to understand current trends and opportunities in our comp plans.

Want to see how the Intelligence Group
can help you achieve your growth
goals more quickly?