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Embracing the Consumer Mindset in Home Care

Home care providers need to embrace the changing mindset of our consumers. Patients and families, employees, and even partners we do business with, have a vastly different set of expectations and demands for personalized care delivery based on the convenience and customization they experience in every other aspect of daily life

Three Keys to Reducing Turnover during Orientation and Onboarding

The true cost of clinical turnover is estimated to be $57,000. During our October 24, 2023 Discussion Group, we considered strategies for reducing turnover during orientation and onboarding, which is when the highest rate of churn exists. While the greatest risk is during the first 90 days, a high rate of churn continues throughout onboarding.

Innovation Briefing: Generative AI's Application to Home Care

Artificial Intelligence represents a seismic shift for our sector, with generative AI being the most recent - and highly publicized - iteration. This briefing will demonstrate how generative AI works, how your peers are thinking about it, and where you can apply it in the short- and long- term to your business.

Innovation Briefing: Embracing International Newcomers as New Entrants to our Workforce

It's very possible that all or most of the net new caregivers entering our field in the next decade will need to be international (foreign-born) newcomers.  While hiring foreign-born workers is a staple of the home care industry, hiring asylees and refugees is certainly not common practice. Based on our research, companies that successfully tap into this specific population share a four-part playbook, which we will share during this 10-minute briefing.

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2023 Home Care 100 Conference Session Recordings

Innovation Briefings are offered to members only and provide convenient and individualized access to a summary of our research findings on - and suggestions for adopting - the most promising innovations just beginning to impact home care.

Use of Predictive Analytics to Optimize for Today and Prepare for Tomorrow

In this 25-minute briefing, we will review the market trends, discuss and compare the evolving landscape of predictive analytics solutions gaining traction in the market today, as well as highlight the key value-drivers predictive tools can can bring to your organization.

Three Hottest Technology Categories of 2023

Based on 30 in-depth interviews, we will share the top three technology categories being pursued by your peer organizations and contrast the primary solutions in each category.

Developing Your Own (DYO) Clinicians

15-minute review of development practices and the business case for hiring less experienced nurses.

World-Class Workforce Practices

30-Minute review the five critical phases of the employment journey discovered during our interviews with peer organizations.

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December 6 - LIG Roundtable: Managing and Measuring Value

What does value mean to you, your managers, and your front-line workers? LIG is kicking off a new research project focused on: Measuring and Managing Value. We’re studying this topic to develop a clear, consistent framework for the meaning, measurement, and management of value in home-based care. We will share our insights from this research in an upcoming Think Tank.

December 12 - Think Tank: Onboarding a New Generation of Clinicians

Attracting new clinicians to home-based care represents a significant risk/reward opportunity in our struggle to ensure clinical capacity. Onboarding is the critical time for reducing the risk and increasing the likelihood of reward

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