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Accessing the Foreign-Born Workforce

A fully employed and steadily growing US economy implies that our workforce challenges will continue unabated without an increase in the supply of labor that is on par with the ever-increasing demand

Meeting the Higher Acuity Calling in Home Care

Traditionally, higher acuity healthcare has been associated with hospitals and specialized medical facilities. However, advancements in technology, a shift towards patient-centered care, as well as hospital capacity constraints have paved the way for higher acuity healthcare to be delivered in patients' homes. Below we explore the concept of higher acuity healthcare at home.

New Revenue Sources in Personal Care

Personal Care providers have historically focused on addressing demand at the upper end of the private pay market on an hourly basis. To ensure growth in volume and share, many providers are expanding their focus to other payers and payment models. We present the state of the personal care payment landscape

Is home care ready to embrace its machine partners?

During our research into adoption of generative AI within home-based care, one key theme stood out: While management teams exhibit a distinct "rational enthusiasm" about the potential of this iteration of AI, the sense from these same teams is that their broader organizations are far more skeptical of tools that augment humans so symbiotically.

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2023 Home Care 100 Conference Session Recordings

Innovation Briefings are offered to members only and provide convenient and individualized access to a summary of our research findings on - and suggestions for adopting - the most promising innovations just beginning to impact home care.

Use of Predictive Analytics to Optimize for Today and Prepare for Tomorrow

In this 25-minute briefing, we will review the market trends, discuss and compare the evolving landscape of predictive analytics solutions gaining traction in the market today, as well as highlight the key value-drivers predictive tools can can bring to your organization.

Generative AI's Application to Home Care

Artificial Intelligence represents a seismic shift for our sector, with generative AI being the most recent - and highly publicized - iteration. This briefing will demonstrate how generative AI works, how your peers are thinking about it, and where you can apply it in the short- and long- term to your business.

Three Hottest Technology Categories of 2023

Based on 30 in-depth interviews, we will share the top three technology categories being pursued by your peer organizations and contrast the primary solutions in each category.

Developing Your Own (DYO) Clinicians

15-minute review of development practices and the business case for hiring less experienced nurses.

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October 11 - Meeting the Higher Acuity Calling in Home Care

While some 30,00 hospital beds have closed, demand for beds is still projected to increase by 2% over the next 10 years due to a confluence of chronic complex disease. Higher acuity/complexity care at home offers numerous benefits to patients and other stakeholders, although there are an equal number of considerations and challenges to address for home care to meet this calling.

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