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Committing Capital to Tech

Committing Capital to Tech

Preview of June 6 Think Tank: Technology Spending

During our Tuesday, June 6 Think Tank, we'll share the three big focal areas for home care technology investment uncovered during our research the past several months.

The Future of Standalone Hospice

With a carve-in seemingly inevitable - albeit over the course of several years - hospice-focused operators are considering three potential paths to future sustainability.

Generative AI and You: Excitement Building Towards Exuberance

“Restrained exuberance” would be a fair way to describe our sector’s collective radar regarding the potential for generative AI (meaning, AI that can read/write/research) to change the home care game. In particular: Exuberance about the game-changing potential, tempered with restraint about ensuring the machine’s output is human-validated.

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Exclusive Interview with Adam Boehler: The Post-Covid Healthcare Outlook

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2023 Home Care 100 Conference Session Recordings

Innovation Briefings are offered to members only and provide convenient and individualized access to a summary of our research findings on - and suggestions for adopting - the most promising innovations just beginning to impact home care.

(DYO) Developing Your Own Clinicians

15-minute review of development practices and the business case for hiring less experienced nurses.

Five High-ROI Technology Solutions

Overview of five key technologies that compliment the role of caregivers in the home.

World-Class Workforce Practices

30-Minute review the five critical phases of the employment journey discovered during our interviews with peer organizations.

Leveraging Tech to Extend Your Workforce

15-minute overview of the use cases and ROI for artificial intelligence in the home care setting.

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June 11 & 12 - IG Live: Rethinking the Operating Model of Home-Based Care

To protect the profitability of our core operating lines, we'll need to question assumptions that have been ingrained across decades of clinical and non-clinical practice.

June 20 - Discussion: What Generative AI (ChatGPT) Means for Home Care

Generative AI, known by many as ChatGPT, is taking the healthcare world by storm. AI that can read, write, summarize, and even analyze - this entails both tantalizing opportunities and threats for our field.

July 19 - Executive MBA: What Generative AI Means for Home Care

In a healthcare world craving its next big leap in efficiency, the promise of generative AI is being embraced with a spirit of 'rational exuberance.' While hospitals and physicians are leading the way on applying this iteration of AI, home-based care entities are fast on the trail of uncovering the power and pitfalls inherent in this potentially game-changing technology.

July 20 - Discussion: New Revenue Sources in Personal Care

Elastic demand and high labor costs present a challenge to personal care providers looking to grow their legacy hourly business. However, some providers are finding success by re-defining their value proposition and operating model to serve new revenue sources.

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