July 19 - Executive MBA: What Generative AI Means for Home Care

In a healthcare world craving its next big leap in efficiency, the promise of generative AI is being embraced with a spirit of 'rational exuberance.' While hospitals and physicians are leading the way on applying this iteration of AI, home-based care entities are fast on the trail of uncovering the power and pitfalls inherent in this potentially game-changing technology.

 During this session, based on twenty-five in-depth interviews with industry participants, we will share:

  1. Relative levels of both opportunity and risk in this technology for our space

  2. Specific short-term and potential long-term use cases across the value stream

  3. What generative AI means for your workforce productivity and composition

  4. How to get started with generative AI in your business.

Event Details

Date: Wednesday, July 19
Time: 4:00 - 5:00 PM ET
Location: Zoom