Value & Risk

Meeting the Higher Acuity Calling in Home Care

September 8, 2023 Lincoln Intelligence Group

Traditionally, higher acuity healthcare has been associated with hospitals and specialized medical facilities. However, advancements in technology, a shift towards patient-centered care, as well as hospital capacity constraints have paved the way for higher acuity healthcare to be delivered in patients' homes. Below we explore the concept of higher acuity healthcare at home.

Culture is the Foundation of Your Value Stack

March 23, 2023 Lincoln Intelligence Group

What does it mean to have a “culture of value”? We’ve been exploring this question for some time and suspect that we will continue exploring it well into the future. Across the past 18-24 months, we’ve discussed flexible cultures, kindness cultures, quality cultures, and many more cultural attributes. The next frontier is a culture that supports a mission of ‘Value’. Just like we need to align our care ecosystem with the value drive of payers and referral partners, we need to align the internal expectations of each team member for this same drive.

The Antidote to Risk: Building Your Stack of Value-Based Capabilities

March 16, 2023 Lincoln Intelligence Group

Between Medicare Advantage and VBP/VBID, our clinical revenue model is at risk. We reviewed the timeline and approach for building a stack of capabilities for enabling, capturing, and proving value.

The Sands of Time and Your Value-Based Capabilities

February 9, 2023 Lincoln Intelligence Group

Reactions to the Intelligence Group’s “When to Walk Away from Medicare Advantage” session at Home Care 100 fell squarely into two camps.

Managed Care Success Think Tank Recap : When to Walk Away from Medicare Advantage

November 21, 2022 Lincoln Intelligence Group

In an extended, 90-minute conversation with an esteemed group of panelists, the message regarding the MA contracting climate was clear: Continuing to accept “ancillary” contracting status is a tacit relegation of our role to commodity status – and that mindset is really out of synch in an industry with such constrained capacity and access. Based on our Nov. 16, 2022 discussion, the main goal moving ahead for home-based Medicare providers is to achieve tightly integrated partnerships of aligned payer and referral sources, with a secondary goal of maximizing the unit contribution of every caregiving resource.

Home is Where the Value Is – But It’s Not Without Risk

November 14, 2022 Lincoln Intelligence Group

The economics of healthcare produces its own unique kind of “physics.” Specifically, the sheer weight of the system’s drive for value causes the compression of 1) adjacent healthcare settings into one another as well as 2) care into the lowest-cost setting.

Creating a SNF-at-Home Model

November 4, 2022 Lincoln Intelligence Group

We discuss what’s needed to get a SNF-at-Home up and running.

Medical Practice Alignment: Build, Buy, or Partner for the Future

August 30, 2022 Lincoln Intelligence Group

Primary care providers are increasingly becoming responsible for full risk of their patients nationwide.

Policy, Regulations and Home Care: The 2022 Agenda

July 7, 2022 Lincoln Intelligence Group

Policy experts decipher a busy Washington agenda for 2022, including Value-Based Purchasing, Choose Home, VBID and the Biden spending plan.

Bypassing the SNF - Higher-Intensity Services in the Home

February 23, 2022 Lincoln Intelligence Group

We discuss the provision of higher-intensity services in the home with experienced providers.

Amedisys and Contessa

February 8, 2022 Lincoln Intelligence Group

Where the World’s Going and Where to Play to Win – The Amedisys View

Emcara Health: Home-Based Advanced Primary Care

February 8, 2022 Lincoln Intelligence Group

Partnering with home care to deliver to a suite of advanced in-home services to MA and other payers.

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