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From the CHRO Roundtable: Go Upstream in the Hiring Lifecycle

Date: April 13, 2023 Lincoln Intelligence Group

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Bringing new entrants into the home care field is perhaps our number one challenge. On our quarterly CHRO roundtable last week, we discussed three ways of getting upstream from standard recruiting venues and inserting our brands earlier in the cycle.

  1. Build a scholarship foundation: Scholarships provide a critical piece of leverage for ushering new people into our sector. While there are many mission-driven organizations offering scholarships, these organizations may not be completely aligned with your objectives. Consider forming a foundation that is purpose-built for growing the healthcare workforce you need.

  2. Influence high school students: We normally think of partnering with higher education, but secondary schools are where the career aspirations of the next generation are being shaped. Hospitals regularly offer extended learning opportunities to high school students – and we should also.

  3. Sponsor a Learning Lab: Clinical rotations are a standard way of introducing clinicians to our field. Why stop there? You can jump the line by sponsoring the learning lab at your local nursing college and thereby making an earlier impression.

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