2023 Home Care 100 Sessions

Risk Case Study: Resilient Healthcare

February 20, 2023 Lincoln Intelligence Group

This home-focused MSO (in partnership with an IPO taking fully delegated risk from MA) works with home health providers on hospital-at-home and care management, with an opportunity for FFS-plus and/or bonus-structured reimbursement.

The Key to Growth: Developing Our Pipeline of Clinicians & Caregivers

February 20, 2023 Lincoln Intelligence Group

Home care providers have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to re-position themselves to the youth of America and make caregiving cool.

Introduction to DEIB & Bayada Fireside Chat

February 20, 2023 Lincoln Intelligence Group

Is your senior leadership team representative of your workforce’s diverse makeup? At the leadership level, diverse representation is not only foundational to your culture but also integral to your success.

Workshop: Accelerating Your DEIB Culture

February 20, 2023 Lincoln Intelligence Group

Using data compiled from the pre-conference survey as a starting point, we will work together and discuss tangible tactics that can be used to advance all DEIB initiatives within your organization.

ReCulturing Keynote: The Roadmap to Retention Starts with Leadership

February 20, 2023 Lincoln Intelligence Group

Melissa Daimler’s modern definition of culture is more of a verb than a noun. Culture is not something we have, but rather something we do, and her powerful ReCulturing framework will show how home-based care leaders can directly drive strong culture - and ultimately long-term hiring and retention success - through three key elements:

When to Walk Away from Medicare Advantage

February 20, 2023 Lincoln Intelligence Group

Accepting commodity status in a time of strained clinical capacity simply doesn’t make sense. We’ll outline the top strategies for changing the nature of the conversation with MA plans.

The State of Medicare Reimbursement: Policy, Payment and Provider Advocacy

February 20, 2023 Lincoln Intelligence Group

There’s much more to this final rule than meets the eye. We’ll unpack how it affects providers, presumed flaws in CMS methodology, MedPAC’s views on margins, the changing payer mix landscape, and what this saga reveals about the state of relations between providers and CMS.

Home Care National Legislative & Regulatory Update

February 20, 2023 Lincoln Intelligence Group

This opening overview will summarize the historic final rule for the 2023 Home Health Prospective Payment System, including an assessment of the rate cuts (and omnibus law), ongoing lobbying efforts, the state of CMS transparency, and advocacy priorities for providers in the new year.

Big Bets: CEO Panel

February 17, 2023 Lincoln Intelligence Group

In the face of a challenging landscape lies an opportunity to lean in on new growth strategies, emerging innovation, and stretch our leadership capabilities. This session will highlight some of the “Big Bets” being made in the industry today.

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