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Solution Spotlight: Goodworks Order Management

March 15, 2024 Lincoln Intelligence Group

The Goodworks team focuses on bringing efficiency to every step of the order management process. We begin by proactively ensuring all referrals have their following provider confirmed at the time of referral to prevent misdirected 485’s and add-on orders. As signed orders are returned, we QC, index and attach into your EMR, remediating or escalating any issues promptly. Simultaneously, we recover unsigned physician orders by researching root causes and coordinating between physician offices and your agency team. All of this results in decreased time to revenue and reduced write-offs for your agency.

Solution Spotlight: ybot's Voice AI increases clinical capacity by 15.5%

February 19, 2024 Lincoln Intelligence Group

ybot is a voice AI and automation platform that performs complex work tasks in back-office platforms and enables field clinicians to do mission-critical work the right way, at speed. ybot's clinical copilots summarize patient data on the go, and guide clinicians to complete Medicare and non-Medicare documentation in less than half the time it typically takes. The platform interfaces with cloud based EMRs to deliver personalized, bi-directional interactions between the clinician and the information they need to inform, guide and deliver their work. This improves profitability, speed, accuracy and reduces clinician turnover by optimizing the use of idle time to improve the lifecycle of care. In an independent third-party study, ybot has been shown to increase the capacity of registered nurses by 15.5%.

Solution Spotlight: The Evolution of Virtual Health Technology for Clinicians and their Patients

May 4, 2023 Lincoln Intelligence Group

Learn from clinicians and leaders in post-acute care how they are leveraging virtual care technology to work at the top of their license and expand the reach of care to their communities.

Solution Spotlight: Transforming Administrative Work with Element5 Automation Solutions

April 5, 2023 Lincoln Intelligence Group

Post-acute care operations are littered with high-volume, repetitive administrative tasks. Element5 is a fully-managed workflow automation solution built to minimize them. With a catalog of workflows and connections spanning over 40+ systems, including major EHRs, clearinghouses, and payer portals, Element5 seamlessly integrates into existing processes. Now, staff can focus on other higher-value initiatives while achieving reduced DSO, lower write-offs and improving compliance.

Solution Testimonial: Care Academy

February 17, 2023 Lincoln Intelligence Group

With more than 2,800 caregivers, providers and staff serving clients across the East Coast, AccordCare was facing issues common for expanding home health care companies: managing multi-state compliance, onboarding acceleration, and engaging content for proper skill development, all to scale.

Solution Spotlight: KanTime's Algorithmic Scheduling

January 16, 2023 Lincoln Intelligence Group

KanTime’s new Algorithmic Scheduling helps make clinician assignment and scheduling easy and efficient by tailoring the scheduling process to an agency’s workload.

Solution Spotlight: IntellaTriage

October 26, 2022 Lincoln Intelligence Group

IntellaTriage delivers nurse-based phone triage care 365 days a year, acting as an extension of provider care teams across the nation, delivering compassionate, protocol-driven care when patients need it.

Solution Spotlight: Element5

September 29, 2022 Lincoln Intelligence Group

Administrative tasks take up hundreds of hours each week - precious time that could be invested in patient care, recruitment of clinical staff and other higher value work. Why should teams spend hours on thousands of repetitive clicks, when there are easier ways to get work done?