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Expanding the Home Care Workforce Recruiting Funnel

January 19, 2023 Lincoln Intelligence Group

We explore three channels for attracting new candidates to our sector, as well as illustrate how other commercial sectors have met their workforce supply gaps.

The Direct Care Workforce: Untapped Opportunities to Recruit & Retain

December 14, 2022 Lincoln Intelligence Group

Amid a national shortage of direct care workers, too few people are entering the profession, workers are leaving in droves, and companies are plagued with high turnover. In partnership with NAHC, MissionCare Collective conducted a study analyzing 67k+ Caregivers, Home Health Aides, and Certified Nursing Assistants to better understand the psyche of the people behind care delivery in America.

DYO: The Case for Developing Your Own Clinicians

December 6, 2022 Lincoln Intelligence Group

Lack of clinical capacity means turning away referrals - and precious margin. In this session, we'll present and compare the business case for the three typical paths to building your base of clinicians.

Workforce: The Employment Journey in Home-Based Care

November 14, 2022 Lincoln Intelligence Group

Home health, personal care, and hospice and palliative care providers have a unifying mandate: To be best in class as an employer.

Unleashing Workforce Productivity: Reducing Friction in Technology

November 7, 2022 Lincoln Intelligence Group

Kkey principles for reducing employee friction in the use of technology and systems.

Elevating the Caregiver Profession to Attract New Talent

June 15, 2022 Lincoln Intelligence Group

An original framework - including four messaging keys to elevating the caregiver profession.

Well-Being for Leaders

April 20, 2022 Lincoln Intelligence Group

Dr. Makai will emphasize the importance of resilience training for overall well-being and guide us towards a resilience leadership mindset.

Employer Brand: Broadcasting Your Employment Proposition

March 16, 2022 Lincoln Intelligence Group

A series of employer branding experts show you how to both formulate and communicate a world-class employer brand.

Bonus Session: Developing Pipeline of New Talent

February 8, 2022 Lincoln Intelligence Group

Developing Pipeline of New Talent

Town Hall Part 3 –Making Home Care Attractive to Prospective Employees

February 7, 2022 Lincoln Intelligence Group

What is, can and should be done around compensation; recruitment and retention; education and training; and immigration.

Town Hall Part 1 – Who Cares About Culture?

February 7, 2022 Lincoln Intelligence Group

We discuss the state of culture, labor, and the simple and powered up things leaders can do now.

Town Hall Part 2 – The New Move Upstream: DYO Talent

February 7, 2022 Lincoln Intelligence Group

How peer organizations are modeling their DYO investments.

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