Culture Renovation: Blueprint to an Unshakeable Company

July 19, 2021 Lincoln Intelligence Group

Kevin Oakes is CEO and Co-Founder of the Institute for Corporate Productivity, and a leading authority on new practices in human capital.

Back to Better: How to Return People, Purpose & Performance

July 19, 2021 Lincoln Intelligence Group

NYT bestselling author and corporate strategist Stan Slap helps us define and think differently about our company culture.

Vaccinating Staff: Big Challenges, Big Benefits

March 25, 2021 Lincoln Intelligence Group

We share early learnings from other healthcare vaccination experiences.

Epidemiologist Forecast: Impact of Covid Variant B117 on the Pandemic Trajectory

January 20, 2021 Lincoln Intelligence Group

We looked at what the 50-70% more contagious B117 Covid virus variant (plus other variants) likely mean for the path of U.S. community spread this winter and spring.

Fast-Moving Covid Vaccine Implications for Senior Care

December 9, 2020 Lincoln Intelligence Group

In-depth discussion on the state of vaccine development and the implications for the business of senior care

Fresh Ideas to Solve the Staffing Shortage

November 19, 2020 Lincoln Intelligence Group

The freshest staffing ideas brewing across senior care.

COVID Testing 2.0: How Rapid, Affordable, Point-of-Care Testing Is About to Transform Care Delivery

September 16, 2020 Lincoln Intelligence Group

How new technologies will transform the way you test patients and staff

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